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Banking woes, and why we need a relentless and highly public examination of the actions of those responsible

Well a day does not go by now without some type of very public examination of an individual or institution hauled up for their role in the current financial implosion. From the ever increasing list of Madoff, to banking heads world wide, the internet provides us with a front row seat to some of the more fascinating deliberations i think i will see in my lifetime.

I grew up in London, where the underbelly under lords of history were people like the great train robbers, or the Brinks Matt crew. The Great train robbery time value adjusted haul equates to about $50 million. A fine pinch by all accounts.

Fast forward to our aformentioned friend Mr Madoff and its truly mind boggling the difference.

Now let me introduce you to the absolute untouchable gold medal winners of this little saga

i would have embedded the video but its not up yet.

Dont be fooled – the action committed is exactly the same – how it is committed is the only difference. Lesson to future generations – drop your balaclava, stick a suit on, comb the hair back and apologise – much better than being arse ended in wormwood wouldnt you say.

now apply the backdrop that the following actions are being considered by said robbers – (yes you are all culpable – you are complicit in a collective institutional failure)
that you will SUE if your bonuses – provided i might add by the taxpayer – are withheld.

OK – no problem – then deal with This. and this

its a despicable state of affairs.

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