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Earthquake In Jakarta

mosque in Jakarta
Image by markgslater via Flickr

its been a very busy last 3 months for me and i have not posted (had a baby – stella!)- rather been commenting using DISQUS as a way to stay involved and express my thoughts.

I saw the title to my last post, and thought – well lets try and get going on a new wave of blogging by relating my most recent experience in Jakarta.

As some know – i am involved with a football footwear technology ( and we source in asia, so i find myself out there several times a year.

I am waiting in the lobby of the hotel having a quick beer before heading home last week and chatting to a random person in the bar when my beer starts shaking. Suddenly staff begin to appear from different doorways and are shouting “mister mister ..please this way” before i know it we are being escorted out of the front of the hotel while the lobby chandeliers are beginning to sway violently above us…

it was all over in a matter of minutes, and the remainder of the evening was uneventful with little or no damage to the hotel or surrounding area.

i made it back to boston through Dubai and London three days later with a brand new appreciation for the awsomeness of mother nature.

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