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mini casinos – the solution to bad local government?

I was reading this article over the weekend. Very interesting. It seems that a loop hole in sweepstakes law has allowed this category of businesses to pop up, sell you an entry to a sweepstake – and then allow you to sit down and “play a game” to see if your sweep stake won. There is no skill. The sweepstakes is predetermined – you can just press a button and see the results if you like. But people are flocking to these things especially in America’s great bankrupt retirement belts, where the lure of the “game” brings them in in droves. Go read the article and see for yourself. – Its on its way to being a multi billion dollar industry.

Ofcourse its legally on thin ice. precedent cases site the mcdonalds monopoly sweepstakes in support.

But it got me thinking. Anyone who lives in the city like i do (and maybe the suburbs these days too) is well familiar with the tax on the ignorant that has over taken our local corner markets and shops – where you go in for milk and end up behind a 10 strong line of lottery ticket checkers and keeno zombies.  The state rakes in billions from this addiction – all going back to the state in some fashion. We all know how that story ends. It just another feeder line to the bluberous, utterly disfunctional and out of date government system.

Ask yourself this – do you really trust your local government to spend your tax dollars properly? I dont. I see evidence every day. YMCA closures, poor street management, bloated use of public resources for things like police details, indecision on key issues, education in absolute chaos and so on.  I’m no aspiring politician believe you me, but it dont take an Einstein to realize that we can be doing alot better.

So i am going to open a sweepstakes center in southie. I am going to give all the proceeds back to projects in the community that are crowdsourced by the participants in the sweepstakes. Its simple. Come in the shop – buy your sweepstakes – and select your top 3 local projects that are on the monthly ballot for funding. At the end of each period – each project receives a charitable donation from the shop. Simple as that. New computer room at the library, roof for the Y, improvements to the parks.

you and i both know it would work. It would take the money from the fat cat misappropriators downtown, it would go straight back in to the community and at a level that is meaningful and dramatic.

It would be very hard for any authority to argue against that.

who’s in?

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Consumer unrest at bank bonuses

This is hilarious. the dutch consumer has reacted to the bonuses being paid out to bankers organizing through social media and threatening a “run” on those who have OK’d such bonuses.

“Politicians have voted to implement a 100% retrospective tax on all bonuses paid to executives at institutions that received state aid as a result of the financial crisis. In other words, no banker should get a bonus until the debt is cleared, and they should return payments made since 2008”

i am reminder of the great banks in Hong Kong that james Clavelle used to write about.

Could this be heading our way?

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Its been quiet on my blog now for a little while.

With all that transpired with my last company and the responsibility of leading the new one, i’ve found that my time writing has been limited mostly to things over there

here are some tidbits over here:

1. why dont you call it what it really is mayor: a total friggin shakedown. your version of cleaning up is issuing 1000’s – i mean 1000’s of tickets today as its the first day of “street cleaning” – go ahead post how many tickets you’ve issued for street cleaning in the city.

2. new beastie’s is out

3. No.2 is on the way at the slater family! now the pressure is really on!

4. Facebook has defaulted to you seeing ONLY posts from people who you’ve recently interacted with or interacted the most with (which would be limited to the couple of weeks just before people started switching to the new profile) So in other words, for both business and personal pages, unless your friends/fans commented on one of your posts within those few weeks or vice versa – you are now invisible to them and they are invisible to you!!

there is a fix but seriously WTF?

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