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Concave wins its biggest award yet

Very exciting news this morning as we were notified that we won 2 significant awards from a consumer voted poll.

We won “best boot of 2009” for our PT+ version – beating out both addidas and Puma, and we won “most innovative product of the year” again beating some very big players.

This is very significant for a company our sizing attempting to do what we are doing. The bottom line is this – the incumbents that own 70% of this market have been lumbering along for many a year, pimping gimmicks as real and authentic technological improvements to the boot. If its not colorways, its materials, or “new” leathers and so on. None and i mean None of this truly make any quantifiable difference to a player. i would like for every claimant to go through independent testing on such things as “swerve” or “grip” – these things would not survive any type of rigorous analysis. Certainly not as compared to what is being claimed in their “marketingspeak”.

So while these guys are immersed in doing just enough to “dupe” the consumer in to thinking that they are receiving some tangible benefit to the “new” version – we are solely focused on deploying out technology as a point of difference that will tangibly and measurably improve a players performance. See because we are in the technology business before we are in branding business – our technology MUST work for our brand to succeed.

That focus is in our DNA and its beginning to get recognized worldwide. these are of course my personal opinions and not necessarily shared by my colleague at the company!

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