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i find this very confusing.

Firstly – congrats on the overture investment i did not realize you were in that deal.

Secondly – and something i ponder often – why this continued acceptance of push? Authenticity aside, i struggle to come to terms with a world that continues to accept being pushed at. Why cant it be as simple as – i make a small social or commerce gesture – lets say “sweater” to XXXXX. – that is an implicit and open gesture that sais – i am thinking bout buying a sweater for the fall – i am open for business” this gestures authenticates a marketing action on the other side by a merchant.

I have told the market that i am “in the market” – and am ready and willing to be messaged – but this is “pulling an ad” not having one pushed at you.

I personally despise ads. But i equally want to be marketed to when i am decide. See the power of a command Line interface, in to my world from my phone (SMS) can do all this for me – applications and platforms can form this market – it can all happen in real time and i can generate a sociual exhaust that can be networked and gamed amongst my friends.

A merchant has a phone too – and can be notified of potential business – in real time and can prospect that business – in real-time. Find me a restaurant that would not want to put asses in seats on a slow night and be able to do it right from the phone in real-time. Hell find me a small business that would not want to use a light weighted texting micro market – they cant afford a billboard or a magazine ad?

See advertizing as we know it (to take an Umair phrase) is being exploded and atomized – and that to me – includes the notion of push. Whats more the atomization of this silo – means that tiny pieces of data can yield commerce in a real time and meaningful way for both sides of the transaction.

We are attempting to build against this hypotheses. i hope we succeed as i can then be done with being ‘pushed’ around by advertizers.

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