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so why then not build against the consumers explicit action? after all this is where we are headed from a control point of view. If the hypotheses is to push (whether authentic, transparent or not) its an action that has not been explicitly asked for and therefore will logically be made redundant as control continues to crash towards the consumer.

your third paragraph i completely disagree with. being exposed to the ads will be triggered by an action – it wont and cant be any other way down the road. I am not following the user so that he she or it can stream me ads – thats fake authenticity – thats like saying – you know me and we are friends so here is an ad for a bagel place.

I’ll tell you whats authentic (and this is what we have built)
I text in an implicit command to my “butler” – the service then notifies relevant merchants of my ‘intent’ VIA text) and other pieces of meta associated with my profile or my social exhaust – and some type of marketing interaction results.

i get to build a great virtual real time butler, the merchant gets to take action on hot leads instantly and cost effectively.

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