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Bombs in Jakarta

News this morning of 2 bombs exploding in hotels in Jakarta is somewhat un-nerving. I have been to JK now about 7 times in the last year. We typically stay at a hotel near the factory in the Karawachi district. These attacks occurred in the sprawling – and i mean sprawling downtown area. My colleague is actually enroute to JK right now – a trip i was supposed to make except that we are expecting our first child.

here is a picture of JK in the morning from my hotel

JK in the morning

i really enjoy visiting Jakarta – Indonesian people are extremely friendly by nature and i rarely feel unsafe. I even sometimes balk at the airport security that is a fixture at the entrance of every hotel. I have got so used to the culture that i’ll often walk outside the gates, and off in to the local market, or shopping mall.

Ofcourse this type of thing will only serve to bullhorn the likes of cheney and others who’d prefer that the american psyche be a biggoted and insular identity. Any one that knows indonesia, or Jakartan will know that this type of thing is simply not in their DNA. This is another example of an entire culture stereotyped by the actions of a very very few.

I’ll be going back – with bells on.

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