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interesting facebook topic over at AVC

Are you on facebook? is there information that you would like to share with some, but don’t want to put it on facebook as it is too ‘public’?

i think this may be a trend that will continue to occur – when you begin to want to really share geolocation based information – this will likely be with a closer or more tightly defined social set.

Geolocation will become increasingly more important because there is a huge amount of value at the cross section of time, location, and action.

the problem is that GPS wont ever get us there. Neither will WIFI.

There is also the privacy paradigm that this subject touches upon. Kurzwiel said that there is no such thing as privacy – we all are increasingly living a life of publicness – but we must always be able to control WHAT we want to share, and the next huge hairy business idea is the one that combines all these, and brings the contributors of the data bits in to the ecosystem as benefactors of the platform.

Originally posted as a comment by markslater on A VC using Disqus.

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