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(w)Bankers Sue

And here it is. these scumbags have decided that they have a case and are going to sue for their bonuses.

Technically – they may have been notified that their bonuses were still in tact – so technically they may have a case.

Morally – they are the equivalent to the OJ case. they have presided over a ‘force majeure‘ a ‘material adverse change‘ – a devastation of the free market economy. Morally, they are derelict, a scab on the underbelly of society.

Its is absolutely disgusting that you all think that a document entitles you to take money from a society, who’s hard earned tax dollars are having to be used to mitigate the effects of you greed driven rampage.

i am reminded of an amusing book :

– i read a few months back. How prophetic he was.

have you no shame?

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