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Friday Night at the ICA

I was invited to attend the opening of Supply and Demand by Shepard Fairey on friday night and it certainly did not dissapoint. Aside from the highly covered news of said Artist being arrested before he could attend the opening of his own show, the crowd were in a highly festive spirit. There was a line outside in the bitter cold, the event was sold out, and tickets were rumored to be going for silly prices.

Shepard went to college with my brother at RISD, many years ago, and we used to know him fondly as the T-shirt guy. We used to organize large electronic events in the new England area, and Shep used to run a silk screening business and supply us with t-shirts. he also used to sticker up each venue with no end of the early Andre Stickers!

The event was a true mish mash of several generations of the more alternative Boston population. Clearly Shep has struck a chord that transcends ages, and styles. Its been a very long time since i went out and saw such a diverse and interesting crowd. the exhibition did not disappoint, and i will surely go back for a more peaceful visit over the next few months. I highly reccomend it.

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